Walmart delivers groceries ordered online direct to frid​ge

Are you too busy to do your own grocery shopping then hauling them home and putting them away? Well, Walmart now has an ‘in-home’ delivery service to meet your need.

After a five month pilot program in New Jersey, Walmart is ready to expand it’s home grocery delivery service to not just delivering groceries to your door but going into your home and putting perishables into your fridge or freezer and non-perishables on your kitchen counter or table.

How does this work? First you will need to purchase and install a special door lock for your door. Then you simply go online, select a day and place your order for your groceries. Of course, you will need to be OK with strangers entering your home to put your groceries away.

If you are comfortable with this, Walmart will have trained workers wearing body cameras to bring your groceries into your home and put them away. You can watch them do this live on your smartphone. Also, later this year, the company will be offering a return service where customers can leave their returns from Walmart’s website on the kitchen counter and a Walmart’employee will pick up the item(s) and take them back to the store.

Walmart is expanding this ‘in-home/ to your fridge’ service this fall to over a million customers in Kansas City, Pittsburg, and Vero Beach, Florida. For now Walmart charges a fee for ‘to-your-door’ regular delivery service but has not disclosed how much more the ‘in-home’ delivery service will cost. Customers will not have to pay for the cameras, just the new locks specific to Walmart’s use.

In-home delivery service is not a new concept. Back in 2017 Amazon began Key which allows delivery drivers to deliver packages into a customer’s home when they were not home.  Also, that same year, Walmart partnered with August, a smart-security company which manufactures locks that homeowners can monitor on their smartphones to provide in-home delivery service to a few test customers.  Their service provided select drivers from a sourced start-up to deliver items into their customers homes.

The biggest barrier to the new in-home grocery delivery service will be people’s not wanting strangers in their homes.

When Walmart first tested out their in-home delivery service in the pilot program, customers were at first wary of strangers entering their homes. But after customers tried it out their opinions changed. 

Part of Walmart’s effort to change customer opinions and concerns about using in-home delivery service is to provide a biography about their delivery employees which include three fun facts about them.