Smartphones, smart water and now smart diapers!

Yes! Really. Coming this fall, diapers made by Pampers will be smart tech equipped to let patents know when their baby’s diaper is dry, wet or very wet. Their smartphones will ping and receive a text alert to let them know that their baby’s diaper needs changing.

No longer will parents need to check their baby’s diapers using the free, old fashioned way – feeling to see if the diaper is wet or just by listening to baby’s cries. CNN reports that this new line of diapers, Lumi by Pampers, will track their baby’s number of pees but no bowel movements.

When parents purchase the Lumi, it will come with the app, a sensor, a 10 day supply of diapers and a baby monitor to provide a ‘connected baby care system,’ 24/7, so parents can track not only if baby’s diapers are wet or not but also baby’s sleep patterns, how long ago it was fed, and watch baby no matter where parents may be.

And for parents on-the-go, with Lumi, they will only have to check the app first to see if baby needs a diaper change rather than unbundling them unnecessarilyif they don’t. Parents can go to the Pamper website to sign up for early access to the Lumi. No price is listed though.

Pampers already has a line of disposable diapers called ‘Swaddlers’ that have a yellow line that turns blue when baby pees. So why the Lumi now?

Apparently, the Financial Times sees the Lumi as an incentive for the company because millennialsare not having babies like previous generations and so baby care product sales are falling. However over the last two years, the baby monitor market rose to almost 18% to over $1 billion. 

And parents who are having babies have requested for tech support in keeping track of their baby’s growth development so why not include a sensor for the moisture condition of baby’s diaper. 

Also, each baby has unique habits and patterns that create a routine that works for baby. And if parents can maintain their baby’s unique routine it will help their baby get more sleep for growing and developing into healthy happy babies.

According to the Pampers’ website, sleep is very important to a baby’s brain development which is fastest during the first three months after birth. Keeping babies dry helps to foster sleep.

Verily and Logitech have combined their efforts in working with Pampers to develop Lumi.  The first disposable diaper was developed by Pampers 60 years ago in 1959.

 You’ve come a long way, baby!