You will be able to edit your face into videos with Snapchat Cameos

Snapchat is getting ready to launch a new feature it calls Cameo in about 10 days which will use your selfies to replace faces of people in videos which you can then share. According to TeleCrunch, it will be a simple way you can Deepfake yourself into GIFs. Essentially, Snapchat Cameo will be a quick way to express an emotion, reaction, or a silly situation which will be an alternative to Bitmoji.

Today though, some users in France were given a test version of Snapchat Cameo as was spotted by @Mtatsis a Snap enthusiast. TeleCrunch was told that SnapCameo does exist and is being tested in some limited international markets and will make its global debut very soon – like around Dec. 18th.

Here’s how to make SnapChat Cameos: 

First take a selfie of yourself so SnapChat will know what you look like; then choose what type of body you want – male or female. Your Cameo selfie will live inside your Bitmoji button within your Snapchat messaging keyboard.

Choose from 150 short looping video clips that will be available to you by Snapchat with sound included. There will be new clips coming every week. Some will show you flaunting cash, falling asleep or dancing like crazy and tons more. Your selfie will be stretched and moved by Snapchat to create different facial expressions that Cameo applies to the actor’s heads in the video. 

You will also be able to do multi-friend Cameos and see yourself in videos with your friends. You will always be able to improve your look by retaking your selfie or you can tap and hold on Cameo to save it to your camera to share elsewhere.

Messaging will be kept interesting in SnapChat with the Cameo feature. Snapchat needs to use this feature to stay ahead of Instagram and WhatsApp which have used its Stories feature successfully.

It is possible that SnapChat could be accused of copying the Chinese social app called Zao which also lets its users realistically Deepfake their faces into videos. However, several years ago, JibJab made this effect popular too by sticking your selfie face onto dancing Christmas elves.

Whether Snap acquired a startup to develop Cameo is unclear. It did in the past purchase Bitmoji and then to power its augmented reality lenses it acquired Looksery.

SnapChat Cameo could turn the technology into a fun comedic medium by grafting faces into videos.

But be warned though that Deepfakes can also be used as powerful abusive weapons of misinformation.